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===Bay Area Science Festival===
[[SBPWG:Discussion/OSTP_RFI_Bioeconomy| OSTP RFI on Building the Bioeconomy]]
General Information about the festival: http://www.bayareascience.org/festival/
[[SBPWG:Discussion/Practices_Bootcamp | Practices Bootcamp]]
'''There are (at least) three main types of events we might consider:'''
* A public forum/seminar (See 'wonder dialogues',  we have a hold on the David Brower Center in Berkeley - 180 person capacity - for Nov 1st)
[[SBPWG:Discussion/Bay_Area_Science_Festival | Bay Area Science Festival]]
* A hand-on carnival-style event with hands-on activities/demos (See 'Discovery Days' - a huge carnival being run at AT&T park on Nov 6th)
* A science cafe - an informal discussion with a scientist at a bar/cafe (See the 'science pub crawl' being run on Nov 4th)
I'd like to first explore a public forum event, as we have to act quickly on this if we'd like to keep the date/space.  At the last working group meeting there was some ideas about how to make a forum more fun and interactive than a normal lecture format, such as making it into a 'game show'.
'''Please use the space below to suggest speakers, topics and formats (please list your name alongside)!'''
'''Possible Speakers'''
* Drew Endy (Megan P)
* Jay Keasling (can't make it)
'''Possible Topics/Framings'''
* Life as we don't know it (Megan)
* The game of (new) life (Megan)
-Design your own microbe (Megan)
-Creating life: What can we do? What should we do? (Megan)
'''Possible Formats'''
* Moderated panel discussion between scientists, ethicists, news people, govt officials / FBI ? (Megan)

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OSTP RFI on Building the Bioeconomy

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