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Recent Updates

  • 9/2012: Xi's paper on GPV association with GPIb-IX was published by JTH and it made the cover!
  • 7/2012: Renhao gave a talk on GPIb-IX at the 2012 Hemostasis Gordon Conference.
  • 6/2012: The lab went bowling!
  • 12/2011: Rong's paper showing the reconstitution of GPIb-IX complex into Nanodiscs is published in Biochemistry. It was one of the papers featured on the journal web site.
  • 11/2011: Wenjun's paper showing, for the first time, a 3-dimensional structural model of the GPIb-IX complex is out in Blood! This model captures everything we know about the GPIb-IX complex, and also raises a number of interesting questions. It is published with a companion commentary on Blood.