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Back to [[Lidstrom:Protocols|Protocols]]
Back to [[Lidstrom:Protocols|Protocols]]
== Machines available as of 6/2013 ==
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{| {{table}}

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Machines available as of 6/2013

Thermocycler location Appearance Brand Capabilities Manual Use restrictions
Janet's bench black DNA Engine: DYAD small block doesn't do gradient; large block does n/a none
Amanda's window white & new Eppendorf: Mastercycler gradient gradient, but see manual b/c it is weird Mastercycler Gradient none
Frances' window black & old DNA engine no gradient n/a none
Nate's Bench ## ## ## ## none?
Alexey's Bench ## ## 2 blocks (gradient?) ## none?
Ceci's window white, small Eppendorf: ??  ??  ?? none?

What makes for a good thermocycler?


  • gradient block(s)
  • multiple blocks on one machine
    • reduces the need to enter programs into many machines
  • allow for saving of protocols in folders
    • different researchers can have different folders, preventing the accumulation of a huge list of protocols, and others accidentally writing over other peoples' protocols


  • intuitive menu
    • NOT true of eppendorf systems!
    • BioRad system is fantastic
  • Show what happens to each well for a given gradient setting *while* the protocol is being edited
    • Not true of white eppendorf Mastercycler gradient

Bonus Points

  • ability to recall past thermocycling programs used
    • occasionally useful for troubleshooting failed reactions