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Lab Meeting

Lab meetings are held jointly with the Reinitz lab.

For lab meetings 2012 Winter Quarter

  • Time: every Friday 11:00-13:00
  • Place: Kreinitz lab conference room (Z114)

Schedule: Fall 2011

Date Speaker Food Notes
10-21 Marty New approaches to reveal the genetic basis for complex disease traits
10-28 Ah-Ram Progress report on paper
11-04 Mol Bio Retreat, no meeting
11-11 Manu Modeling approach on blood system
11-18 Bin HE Post-doc interview practice

Schedule: Winter 2012

Date Speaker Food Notes
01-20 John "Derivation of connectionist gene circuit equations by explicit coarse-graining of a sequence-level theory of transcriptional control"
01-27 Jemma Webber Jemma, Bin and etc. Guest speaker from Rebay lab. Topic: Yan binding patterns in its targets, including eve locus
02-10 David Gittin Bin A comparative analysis of various Drosophila species’ stripe 2 enhancers
02-17 Carlos Martinez

Lab Management

Ordering Information

  • Gas Tank: contact Mark at, specify the type of Gas (e.g. CO2) and order it to be sent to the basement of Anatomy. Include our account number.

Lab duties (for Kreitnitz lab)

  • Enzymes, chemicals: Marty, Kenneth
  • Disposables: Bin, Carlos
  • Computers/websites: Zhihao, John
  • Small Equipment (including ordering): Misha, Bin, Carlos
  • Confocal: Carlos, Marty, Pengyao
  • Incubators/CO2: Misha (Misha, Bin, Manu know how to change)
  • GFP Microscope: Misha
  • -80C, -20C (antibodies): Ah-Ram, Kenneth
  • Fly food problems: John + Marty
  • Reinitz fly stocks: Ah-Ram, Lena, Kenneth, Pengyao
  • Wash your own dishes!