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Lab Management

Ordering Information

  • Gas Tank: contact Mark at, specify the type of Gas (e.g. CO2) and order it to be sent to the basement of Anatomy. Include our account number.

Lab duties (for Kreitnitz lab)

Enzymes, chemicals: Marty, Kenneth Disposables: Bin, Carlos Computers/websites: Zhihao, John Small Equipment (including ordering): Misha, Bin, Carlos Confocal: Carlos, Marty, Pengyao Incubators/CO2: Misha (Misha, Bin, Manu know how to change) GFP Microscope: Misha -80C, -20C (antibodies): Ah-Ram, Kenneth Fly food problems: John + Marty Reinitz fly stocks: Ah-Ram, Lena, Kenneth, Pengyao Wash your own dishes!