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Experimenter: CCY, CDZ


Precipitate with ethanol: SDA-H, Y, Cro_lacZa

由于缺少pCC002^^ (NotI/XhoI), 无法做连接 做载体!

Miniprep and digestion test: SDD-EGFP-pCC002(1-15)

PKU Switch 07-7-13 SDD-EGFP-pCC002 BamHI XhoI digested test.jpg

l to r: Marker, SDD-EGFP-pCC002(1-15)

Save: SDD-EGFP-pCC002(1,5,7,8,10)

pLX007-lacZa用lacZa-F/test-R, test-F/lacZa-R对切



倒Cm+板及领胶水, Easy Taq

Looking forward

Ligation and transformation of SDA-H, Y, Cro-lacZa and pCC002

Miniprep and digestion test of pLX-lacZa(1-53)