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ETHZ 2007

  • Good
    • ETH Zurich drop down bar on each page
    • ETHZ banner on each page leads to homepage
    • Vistor count at the bottom of the page
    • Nice meet the team page
  • Not so good
    • First page too dense

Harvard 2007

  • Intro good - What the project was, What they had achieved, What it could achieve in the future (applications)

UC Berkeley 2007

  • Nice brief description of the different components (with links to pages with details including results).
    • Do we want to introduce the components on the front page?

Chiba 2006

  • nice sort of layout on the front page

Cambridge 2006

  • icon layout ... easy information to grasp .. i like| needs better icons though

Harvard 2006

  • for visitors section ... do we direct people to different section based on prior knowledge?

Imperial 2006

  • interesting process flow chart on front page
  • very very good at colums

Imperial 2007 really good tabs on the top of the page


Brown 2007

  • Border around front page?
  • Public page - www.brownigem.com -
    • They had a video that got onto the OWW and synbio front page last year - do we want to do this ?

Harvard 2007

  • Good layout
  • Links to tools (plasmid mappers, blast2seq etc...) frequently used stuff
  • Detailed protocols of experiments to date--good
  • should we include protocols when reporting what was done each day or would we prefer to link it to a separate page of protocols like Peking’s?
  • Repeat of details of the same experiment done on a different day not required.
  • could just list changes (if any) made to protocol.
  • a just for fun section ... we need to have more fun as a team... i say fridays at AO - (Animal Orchestra) or the pub

Imperial 2007

Brown 2006

  • front page ... emphasises the right things ... (big font = important links - todo list, meetings, biobricks, overview etc)

Alberta 2007


  • team photo somewhere on both
  • photo(s) of Bio21 ... taken by us not generic
  • border design?
  • presentation section ... devoted purely to stuff to do with the presentation (berkeley 06)
  • calagary 06 nicely design banners/logo? (ie. not done in paint) - we all have friends that could whip something together thats fairly spiffy ;)
  • indiviuals photos in the team profiles ... standardise the profiles
  • poster design mini-team and section on the wiki...
  • archive section