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Designed and Ordered Aptamer Oligos for c5.0

  • Since the streptavidin-biotinylation protection assay showed success, and since our original plan was to work with a more in vivo useful biological pairing (ie. thrombin to thrombin-aptamer), I thought it would be a good idea to order the appropriate thrombin-aptamer-containing oligos for a protection assay.
  • We only need 10 new oligos, without biotinylation obviously, so they're not too expensive - better to have them on hand when we need them than have to wait for them later.
  • Used the convention from c4.0 of: original (split) sequence (taken from the sequences of the biotinylated revised oligos c5.0.8r and c5.0.9r), 3Ts, followed by the thrombin-aptamer sequence ggttggtgtggttgg.

  • See Notebook on 9.12 for the sequences ordered, and what oligos from older orders will be needed to add to them.

  • Order was sent to Alain 4:55PM 9.12.06.