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Laboratory Organization and Management

Website/Computers/Databases - Francisco Brito and Andreia Amaral

Autoclave/Tips - Samuel Casaca

Reagents/plastic management (Stocks) - Isabel Peixeiro

Cell Culture - Ana Matos

Freezers/Pipettes - Sara Fernandes

Lab waste/Equipments/Radioactive stuff - Jorge Andrade

Laboratory/Supermarket - Ana Matos and Isabel Peixeiro

2012 calendar

Lab meetings are on Mondays, at 2h30 p.m.

Every last monday of the month Lab meetings will be joint with the other Gene Exp. and Bioinfo Unit groups

Joint meetings with the Membrane & Protein Disorders Unit are pending

Please link Jclub papers as exemplified

Note: Calendar from November on is still provisional.

Date Place Name Topic Name Topic
10/09/12 8.2.11 Margarida Gama Carvalho FEBS-Tavira Review All Lab rules
17/09/12 8.2.04 Ana Matos A role for miR-34c-5p in T-cell activation and response to HIV infection Francisco Brito Thesis Project
24/09/12 INSA GEBU Meeting: Ana Ramos, Romão Lab ...
01/10/12 Isabel Peixeiro Project presentation Ana Gomes Journal Club
08/10/12 Ana Matos ... Samuel Casaca Journal Club
15/10/12 Anreia Amaral ... Ana Gomes Regulation of SMN mRNA expression by LAPR4 and hnRNPG RNA binding proteins - potential targets for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
22/10/12 @FCUL GEBU Meeting: Sara Fernandes ...
29/10/12 Jorge Andrade ... Francisco Brito Journal Club
05/11/12 Samuel Casaca ... Ana Matos Journal Club
12/11/12 Francisco Brito ... Sara Fernandes Journal Club
19/11/12 Margarida Gama-Carvalho ... Jorge Andrade Journal Club
26/11/12 @INSA GEBU Meeting: Cláudia Loureiro - Jordan Lab
26/11/12 Ana Matos ... Samuel Casaca Journal Club
03/12/12 Sara Fernandes ... Francisco Brito Journal Club
10/12/12 Jorge Andrade ... Margarida Gama-Carvalho Journal Club
17/12/12 Isabel Peixeiro ... Sara Fernandes Journal Club
7/1/13 Samuel Casaca ... Ana Matos Journal Club
14/1/13 Francisco Brito ... Jorge Andrade Journal Club
21/1/13 ... ... ... ...
28/11/13 @INSA GEBU Meeting: Claudia Onofre - Romão Lab