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  • Congrats to Ariel et al. re: start codon paper now published at NAR and featured in JIMB and NIST homepages!
  • Ugrads!!! We have seven (!) open research positions for Summer 2017. Please see the project descriptions here and be sure to apply online or contact Drew directly. Students from anywhere on Earth (or beyond) are welcome to apply.
  • BIOME featured on front page of Stanford Daily!
  • TU Delft honors Endy Lab, BioBricks Foundation, and iGEM on occasion of their 175th anniversary.
  • Congrats to Atri et al. re: colony morphogenesis and symmetry breaking paper at ACS SynBio!

Who We Are

Stanford Lab, academic research team on campus at Stanford
BioBricks Team staff team at the BioBricks Foundation
JIMB Team, leadership team for the Stanford/NIST Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology

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Stuff We Love

Open Plant

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Endy Lab
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Department of Bioengineering
Stanford University