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*THAWED 10X DNase Buffer
*THAWED 10X DNase Buffer
*X μL reagent 2
**component A (reagent 2 is made up of multiple components)
**component B
*equipment 1
*equipment 2

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Protocol for DNase treatment of total RNA. This uses a DNase inactivating reagent and thus avoids the DNase heat inactivation step that makes me nervous.


  • THAWED 10X DNase Buffer


  1. In order to DNase 20ug of RNA in a 100ul reaction, mix the following:
  • 10μL 10X DNase buffer
  • 78μL dH20
  • 2μL DNase
  • 10μL RNA(1ug/μL)
  1. Incubate at 37° C for 20-30 min.
  2. Add 0.1 volume resuspended DNase Inactivation Reagent.
  3. Incubate 2 min at RT mixing every 30s.
  4. Centrifuge at 10,000xg for 1.5 min.
  5. Transfer solution to a new tube avoiding pelleted Inactivation Reagent.


  1. List troubleshooting tips here.
  • Smoore 09:59, 3 December 2008 (EST)DNase I requires calcium as well as magnesium. If you are adding DNase I to degrade DNA in an existing solution (like a lysate), having 0.5-1.0 mM CaCl2 seems to really help. I don't know if it is in the kit buffer.
  • Smoore 09:59, 3 December 2008 (EST)If you are poor and rely on heating your samples to kill the DNase, make sure to chelate the metals with excess EDTA before heating. Hot + metal = degraded RNA.

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