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Conklin Lab website

Conklin lab protocols

Administration of Spiradoline to Mice Expressing RASSLs Ro1 or Ro2

Gene Expression Analysis of Heart Tissue

Mouse Heart Tissue Harvest for DNA Microarrays

Homogenization and Solubilization of RASSLs

Immunoprecipitation of RASSLs

Immunoblotting of RASSLs

Detection of Flag-tagged RASSLs by ELISA in Tissue Culture Cells

FACS Detection of RASSLs in Blood Cells

IP- Western of HA-tagged Proteins

X-gal Staining Protocol

Mouse Tail DNA Analysis Protocol

3H Thymidine Incorporation Assay for Rat-1a Cells

Doxycycline Administration to Mice

Rapid Mouse Activity Assay

Mouse Heart Harvest for DNA Arrays

Protocol to Genotype Rs1 Mice

Tet Systems

Protocol to Genotype NKX2-5 BAC Mice

Protocol to Genotype ColI (2.3)-tTA Mice: R. 20080528