Chemical transformation buffer comparison

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Buffer KCl KCH3COO CaCl2 MnCl2 RbCl HACoCl3 Glycerol DMSO Sucrose Other pH Reference
SF 100mM 10mM 50mM 10% pH 6.1 Hanahan patent
RFT 30mM 10mM 50mM 100mM 15% pH 5.8 Hanahan patent
FSB 100mM 10mM 45mM 3mM 10% w/v pH 6.2 Hanahan patent
FSB 100mM 10mM 10mM 44mM ? 3mM 10% 2x 3.5% 5% pH 6.4->6.2 Jessee patent
FSB 10mM 10mM 45mM 3mM 8% 8% pH 6.4->6.2 Stratagene '525
CCMB80 10mM 80mM 20mM 10% 7% 10mM MgCl2 pH 6.4 Invitrogen '464
TB 250mM 15mM 15mM 7% pH 5.7->6.2 Inoue90

Hanahan suggests that DH5a and derivatives are best prepared chemically with the TSB or FSB buffer protocols, while the MC1061 derivative strains such as DH10B and Top10 are best prepared using CCMB80 protocols. Also, the MC1061 strains should not be grown in Mg++ containing culture media in preparation for transformation.