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Carrico Lab at Stony Brook

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2XYT Media (to make 1L)

  1. Combine: 900mL distilled water, 16g Bacto Tryptone, 10g Bacto Yeast Extract, 5g NaCl
  2. pH to 7.0
  3. Add water up to 1L
  4. Autoclave

DNA Gel Electrophoresis

50x TAE Buffer (to make 1L)

  • 242g 2M Tris base
  • 57.1mL 1M glacial acetic acid
  • 200mL 100mM EDTA
  • Add water up to 1L

Note: To dilute 50x to 1x, add 20mL of 50x to 980mL water