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(Week-by-Week Schedule Summary)
(Week-by-Week Schedule Summary)
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|Feb 28
|Feb 28
|Students (practice)
|Students (practice)
|[[CANB610:Inflammation| Inflammation and cancer]]
| (Lloyd)
| (Lloyd)

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CANB 610 Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology


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General Info

  • Winter 2012
  • Location: Oregon Health and Science University, main campus, Tuesdays as indicated on schedule, and Thursdays (Presentations) from 3 to 5 pm, Medical Research Building (MRB) 634.

Week-by-Week Schedule Summary

Date Presenters Topic/Time/Location Evaluator/MC/(Faculty)
January 5 Hoatlin Org Meeting NA
January 10 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 12 Nathalie/Tim CANB610:Tumor_Sequencing,_part_1 Stacey/Tiffany (Spellman)
January 17 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 19 Students CANB610:Tumor_Sequencing,_part_2 /Tim (Spellman)
January 24 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 26 MJ&Nathalie CANB610:RNA sequencing Stacey/Tiffany (Spellman)
January 31 Students (practice) (Spellman)
Feb 2 no class
Feb 7 no class
Feb 9 Tim/Stacey CANB610:Functional Genomics (MJ/Nathalie) (Spellman)
Feb 14 Students (practice) (Thayer)
Feb 16 Students CANB610:Chromothrypsis (XX, XX) (Thayer)
Feb 19 Students (practice) (McCullough)
Feb 23 Students Control of skin cancer by the circadian rhythm (XX, XX) (McCullough)
Feb 28 Students (practice) Inflammation and cancer (Lloyd)
March 1 Students (XX, XX) (Lloyd)
March 6 Students (practice)
March 8 Students (XX, XX)
March 13 Students (practice)
March 15 Students (XX, XX)
March 20 Students (practice)
March 22 Students (XX, XX)


  • make sure each of you has at least 2 slots as presenter 1 and 2.