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{{Template:BE Board}}
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==Industrial Seminar Series==
==Industrial Seminar Series==
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For current website see begradboard.mit.edu

Industrial Seminar Series

These seminars occur once a month on the first Friday. The speakers typically work for biotechnology firms or have a new perspective on biological engineering.

Academic Mentoring

To complement the industrial seminar series, the board sponsors a set of event tailored towards those students with an interest in an academic career. Topcis covered include how to prepare yourself for an academic career and discussions of the most promising areas for research in biological engineering in the medium term. These events are primarily organized by Reshma Shetty and Shawdee Eshghi.

Annual Survey

Each year, the BE board carries out a survey of student opinion on a range of topics of relevance to BE graduate students. Expect a full report on the 2005 survey to appear here soon.