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{{Template:BE Board}}
{{Template:BE Board}}
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Old links: <br>
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[[BE Board:Academic events|Academic Events]]<br>
<font color=#2D9258 size=3>'''Welcome'''</font> to the BE Board's <wikionly>wiki</wikionly><nonwikionly>website</nonwikionly>.  We represent the graduate students of [http://mit.edu/be Biological Engineering] at [http://web.mit.edu MIT].  From here, you can find out what we do and what's happening now.  <wikionly>As a wiki, you can add content, post pictures from events, participate in discussions, etc.  To do so, you need an OpenWetWare account--to get one, see [[OpenWetWare:How to join|this page]] to sign up.  If you are unfamiliar with editing a wiki, check out this [[OpenWetWare:Getting started|getting started tutorial]].  The site has a parallel dewikified version at [http://beboard.openwetware.org/ beboard.openwetware.org].</wikionly>  <nonwikionly>This website is based on a wiki that can be found [http://openwetware.org/wiki/BE_Board here].  If you are a BE student and have an OpenWetWare account, you can edit that wiki.</nonwikionly>
[[BE Board:Community service|Community Service]]<br>
[[BE Board:Diversity events|Diversity Events]]<br>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Activities</font></h3>
[[BE Board:Intramural sports|Intramural Sports]]<br>
[[BE Board:Academic events|Academic events]]<br>
[[BE Board:Social events|Social Events]]<br>
[[BE Board:Community service|Community service]]<br>
[[BE Board:Student representation|Student Representation]]<br>
[[BE Board:Diversity events|Diversity events]]<br>
[[BE Board:Intramural sports|Intramural sports]]<br>
[[BE Board:Social events|Social events]]<br>
[[BE Board:Student representation|Student representation]]
[[BE Board:Undergraduate Transition| Undergraduate Transition]]<br>
[[BE Board:Undergraduate Transition| Undergraduate Transition]]<br>
[[BE_Board:VisitingCom08 | 2008 Visiting Committee]]<br>
[[BE Board:Thesis_proposal | Thesis Proposal Advice]]<br>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Discussion Forum</font></h3>
[[BE Board:Thesis Proposal Advice| Thesis Proposal Advice]]<br>
[[BE Board:New event fund|New event fund]]<br>
[[BE Board:New event fund|New event fund]]<br>
[[BE Board:Student awards|Student awards]]<br>
[[BE Board:Internal]]<br>
[[BE Board:Internal]]<br>
[[BE Board:Discussion Archive|Discussion Archive]]<br>
[[BE Board:Discussion Archive|Discussion Archive]]<br>
[[BE Board:FAQ | FAQ ]] <br>
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[[BE Board:Members |  Members ]] <br>
[[BE Board:Meetings | Meetings ]] <br>
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[[BE Board:Pictures | Pictures ]] <br>
[[BE Board:Links |  Links ]] <br>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Upcoming Events</font></h3>
<iframe src="http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=k5t0977hh5um5m1tep33egblf8%40group.calendar.google.com&title=Upcoming%20Events&chrome=NAVIGATION&mode=AGENDA&height=220&epr=1" style=" border-width:0 " width="640" frameborder="0" height="220"></iframe>
<h3><font color=#2D9258>Recent Announcements</font></h3>
*'''11/08/07''' - [[Media:Newsletter_Nov07.pdf |November BE Board Newsletter]] is out. [[BE_Board:Newsletter |Ideas and submissions welcomed.]]
*'''9/24/07''' - Meet the first years dinner!  Sign up by Tues Oct 2nd.
*[[BE Board:Announcement archive |Announcement archive]]
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==<font color=#2D9258>Goals of the BE Board</font>==
*Represent graduate student views and interests to the faculty and the Institute.
*Take appropriate actions to ensure graduate student views and interests are respected by the department.
*Maintain and improve graduate student life within the department.
*Act as liaisons between the graduate students, the undergraduates, the faculty, administration, and the Institute.
*Promote the unification of the department through social events, academics, and outreach.

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Academic Events
Community Service
Diversity Events
Intramural Sports
Social Events
Student Representation
Undergraduate Transition
2008 Visiting Committee
Thesis Proposal Advice
New event fund
BE Board:Internal
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