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Preparation for miniprep

  • Today we analyzed the results of spreading some of the colonies onto LB+Amp plates from Wednesday. All but one of the colonies we picked ended up growing. This means that these colonies are all resistant to ampacilin.
  • On Wednesday, we only had 5 of our LB+Amp plates left, so we borowed 4 from Dr. Schwekendiek. After the overnight incubation, the growth on the 4 borowed plates apear light blue where the cells are the most dence. We're thinking that the most likely cause of this is from the background enzymes.
  • We then sealed our plates and put them in the fridge. We will be making an overnight liquid culture on monday to be ready for tuesday.
  • For this overnight liquid culture, we needed to prepare some LB broth in tubes. This is what we did today.
  • We also read a little bit on the procedure we plan on doing on Tuesday.