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DNA Extraction

  • The Gel on Tuesday didn't show any DNA from the PCR run last Thursday which was done on our first extraction sample and second extraction sample. Today a new DNA Extraction protocol was used since the first extraction protocol didn't yield any DNA. This new one is different in most steps and ingredients needed for it. Since it is so different it will be interesting to see if it works. We started the new protocol with preparing buffers that were needed for it. Then the procedure was started with preparing a sample of skin with lysis buffer and proteinase K. The sample is to be on the heating block overnight and will be taken out until Friday at noon, and placed in the fridge for storage over the weekend. The process will then be picked up on Tuesday.

The far left lane is a 1000 Bp ladder with the row to the right of that being the positive control. To the right of that is a negative control for Primer set 2. To the right of that DNA sample 2 with Primer sequence 2. To the right of that DNA sample 1 with primer sample 2. To the right of that we did another 1000 Bp ladder. To the right of that we did primer set 1 negative control. The next lane to the right is DNA sample 2 primer set 1. To the right of that is DNA sample 1 Primer set 1.