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Team Members: Sanju Timilsina and Parul Sirohi

Project title: Over expression of Acetyl CoA carboxylase biotin carboxylase (accC) gene, the subunit of Acetyl CoA carboxylase(ACC) enzyme in E.coli to enhance fatty acid accumulation for Biofuel production"

Source organism E coli culture:

  1. 50ml of LB broth stored in -4 0C was poured in two conical flask . 50 ml each under aseptic condition( Bunsen burner on)
  2. Flask was then labelled 1 and 2, LB, date and group number .
  3. 25ul E coli strain from -80 0C brought into room temperature was inoculated into flask 2 and 28ul into flask 1.
  4. Both flask were incubated into shaker, set at 37 0C, pressure 222for 28 hours and we decided to take our sample out of the shaker before our next day class.