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Gel Electrophoresis and PCR Setup

  • Upon our second extraction, we have been able to isolate DNA. We know this because on Tuesday we ran gel electrophoresis and had very bright bands that correspond with DNA. Today, we digested our samples and ran them through another gel to determine if they were digestible (using EcoR1). We did see a size difference between digested and undigested samples (lanes 13,15 and 17 were undigested and lanes 12, 14 and 16 were digested), except for in sample 3, which was in lanes 12 and 13. Lane 12 did not produce a band at all, and lane 13 produced an abnormal band ('streakier' than our other digested samples).

Small gel 11.08.12.png <-- Note the differences in lanes 12 and 13 from lanes 14-17

  • We also began PCR on sample 2, since it was one of the samples that showed digestibility, which means it is DNA. Next week, we will run another gel to determine if our PCR was successful.