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PCR Results and Retry

On Tuesday we ran simple gel electrophoresis of our PCR products. Unfortunately, our DNA's signal was very weak and the positive control failed as well. Today we attempted to concentrate the DNA in our samples in a Speed Vacuum Concentrator and will run PCR on this DNA on Tuesday to check said concentration. If the DNA is sufficiently concentrated, we will take another shot at PCR next week. We will first retest the positive control with a few of our primers to make sure the controls work properly before we go all in with our biobrick and nonbiobrick compatible primers.

Failed PCR picture 1 (positive controls, PCR and marker - only the marker showed up with any significant brightness) !GROUP22.25 (2).png

Failed PCR picture 2 (negative controls and marker) - Note that one of our negative controls was excluded from this picture !GROUP24.2 (2).png