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We ran the PCR products from 11/8 on a 1.0% agarose gel. Again, no DNA appeared to be amplified. Since this result occured with both batches of extracted DNA, the lack of results last time was not the result of that batch (at least not only that batch) being bad. On the other hand, a few small improvements included lack of negative control contamination and selection of proper DNA ladder.

In order to get past this amplification step, we will need to cut out gel pieces containing amplified DNA fragments. For that to happen, we need to have amplified DNA. At least one more PCR will need to be done.

Since multiple trials using 8µL DNA template have produced no results, we decided to go back to using less DNA. Reactions were done for both extraction batches using 4µL DNA template. In addition, since we have not attempted to use < 4µL in any PCR so far, we simultaneously ran reactions using 1µL DNA template per reaction.