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Promoter parts were ordered by Axel Schwekendiek from IGEM by Axel . These parts were transformed onto the LB chloramphenicol plates by Axel on 11/28/2011 and were kept in the incubator(37 degree celcius) for overnight growth. Today we took the plates that contained our fireflies promoter parts and they were streaked pretty well. We took 10 tubes of 25ml,2 tubes for each plate. In each tube 5ml of LB and 5ul of chlorampenicol was added. After adding 5ml of lB and 5ul of cholarmphenicol to each tubes,the rack was kept in the fridge at 4 degrees Centigrade refrigerator . Stock solution of D-luciferin which was ordered from BIogold.com was prepared. We weighed 3mg of D-luciferin and it was added to the 2ml tube with 1.5ul of sterile water. Remaining D-Luciferin along with the stock that was prepared was kept at -20 and is stored for future purpose.