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Cloning of catA gene of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain ADP1 to observe its expression in E.coli.

Today we run the PCR for the genomic DNA of AC2 sample (Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus) with . The genomic DNA was isolated on 10/8/2011. We had 75ul of DNA present after running the remaining on agarose gel with digested and undigested sample. From that remaining 75ul of DNA we used 32ul of DNA for our reaction. We followed the PCR protocols and the annealing temp. was set from 44 degree celcius to 60 degree celcius,with lowest tm being 51.2 degree celcius (forward Primer) and highest tm being 54.6(reverse primer) degree celcius.Total 8 tubes were made with DNA sample along with negative and positive control tubes each.Positive control was pSB1A7#3.We named our PCR protocol as GAS18. Reaction will be turned off the next day in the morning.