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Our goals for today were to run an RE Digest on our isolated plasmid containing our promoter parts and then run a gel to check that everything was working and the isolation went well, and to set up PCR for our plant DNA. Using the four combinations of BioBrick restriction enzymes, we created four master mixes and then split each master mix into four parts (three for each of our promoter parts and one with a standard plasmid control). We ran this on the gel, but no Ethidium Bromide was added to the gel, so we will redo this on Thursday. We set up the PCR for three different temperatures using our normal reverse primer (without BioBrick extensions) and our one forward primer. We also made a negative control and two positive controls (using the standard plasmid). Our goals for Thursday are to redo the RE Digest and and run the plasmids with our promoter parts, as well as our PCR products on a gel to determine what procedures and temperatures worked.