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Today we ran a 1.4% agarose gel using electrophoresis on the new DNA that was isolated on 10/4/11 to see if by increasing the original starting amount of plant material before following the isolation protocol would allow us to isolate enough DNA to see bands on the gel. It worked!! We got results and will run a PCR reaction next week. We also followed the plasmid isolation protocol using the GeneJET plasmid mini prep kit and plan to use the RE digest in four different combinations on each of our three parts in order to cut the promoter out of the plasmids next week. Bacterial stocks were also made for each of our biological parts and stored for future use in case of error.

Reference article: Evolution of steroid-5-alpha-reductases in comparison of their function with 5ß-reductase DOI: 10.1016/j.ygcen.2009.08.004