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Today in lab we requested our promoter parts (all 3) via email because we learned that they are not available on the regular distribution. Since we didn't know which promoter we will be using, we did not know which antibiotic to put in our plates and so we could not make them. Instead, we made liquid media that will be for any group's use. Since our primers were available today, we calculated the water we needed to add to dissolve the oligos and produce 100 µmolar stocks. We added the appropriate amounts of water to our different primer tubes, shook them, and then left them on our bench. On Thursday we will make 10 µmolar dilutions of the stocks to use for PCR. If our plant has arrived we will isolate the DNA from it. If our promoter parts have arrived, we will make stocks of them. If nothing has arrived by Thursday, we will look over protocols to make sure we understand them and have everything we need.