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Today in lab/class we called around to local flower shops and nurseries for our plant species Selagenella moelendorffii. We were unsuccessful at finding it locally so we are ordering it from a source that will ship it to us. We also tried to find some progesterone hormone that will be necessary for our project since that is what the gene we are putting in the bacteria ought to be converting. We found some online but it was fairly expensive so we are ordering it through the biology department. After figuring out what we needed from the parts registry we set out to look for where it was in the library and we were met with incomplete data that did not give a full coordinate system of where we could find the parts in the library so we sent them an Email asking for more information. Finally we figured out what we will need to be doing next lab as far as making ager plates goes. We know how much we will be making and after we are sure that we can find the part we want we will put in the proper antibiotics to isolate the competent cells. We are planning to make enough ager for 20-30 plates, so what we make next lab period should last us the rest of the semester.