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11-29-11 In today's lab we ran a restriction digest on our purified plasmid samples. We used EcoRI restriction enzyme to remove our gene fragment from the plasmid and then loaded the digested samples into a gel for electrophoresis. Our results showed only one band at aprox 3000bp for every sample. This indicates that the gene was not successfully removed from the plasmid during the restriction digest. This could indicte that either our gene was never ligated into the plasmid, or that the restriction enzyme was not working properly. Since we can not determine either with certainty from our results, two of the sampls (2&4) were sent out for sequencing. We will get the results sometime between today and next thursday to see if we have isolated our OOMT2 gene of interest.

We also began our sample inventory during today's lab, and will complete the inventory when we receive our sequencing results.

Written by Kim Lovik