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In today's lab, we took out the plates left in the incubator from Wednesday and viewed them. There were some new white cultures surrounding the blue cultures, which most likely means the blue cultures degraded the ampicillin and allowed these new cultures to develop. We wrapped the plates with parafilm and placed them in the fridge without inoculating any of these new cultures. We then took our inoculated cultures picked out on Wednesday and performed a plasmid isolation procedure following the plasmid isolation mini kit. We put the samples in the -80 degree freezer, and they will be left there until Tuesday 11/29. For the next lab on 11/29, we will take the plasmid isolation samples and do a restriction digest procedure to see if the DNA was inserted into the plasmid correctly. We will be able to see the results of the digest by using a gel electrophoresis. The plasmid should show banding at around 3000 bp, and the DNA should show banding at around 1100 bp.

Written By: Megan Hughes