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In the previous week's lab, we had spread agar plates with our transformed E.Coli, and returned the following day to check for growth. Colony growth was only observed on one of our experimental plates, and three of these colonies were harvested by Dr. Schwekendiek and innoculated in media to be used this week.

Today we used the three samples from the colonies and isolated the plasmid DNA from each. This was done using a standard GeneJet Plasmid Miniprep Kit. These samples were then stored in the -20 degree celcius freezer for use during the next lab. The colonies that had been harvested were "blue" colonies, indicating perhaps the Ecoli with plasmid had grown without our gene fragment in it. Today there was some additional growth on that plate of "white" colonies, which could indicate colonies that do contain our gene fragment. These colonies will be refrigerated overnight and then harvested in the morning into media containing ampicilin. (prepared in today's lab).

Written by Kim Lovik