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9/20/11 Today was an eventful lab period. We first prepared an agarose gel for DNA electrophoresis, and while the gel was allowed to set we prepared our DNA samples with a restriction digest. Three petal samples and three leaf samples were prepared and Xbal RE was added to each. The DNA samples were loaded into the gel along with a DNA ladder and a negative control sample containing all componets, except DNA.

While we waited for the gel to run, we prepared and autoclaved LB Media to be used for pouring plates, and also diluted our Oligos, so that they will be ready for PCR.

Our electrophoresis results did show that we successfully isolated DNA from both the rose petal and the leaf, but since we did not run a sample with out restricion enzyme, we are unable to determine if the DNA was properly digested. Our next lab period we will run another gel, using the positive control that was forgotten to ensure that our DNA is suitable for PCR. We will also finish our final dilutions for the Oligos.

Written by: Kim Lovik --- 9/20/11