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  • We digested part BBa_J23119 with enzymes spel and pstl to cut this part open and leaving the plasmid attached attached to the "E" prefix.
  • We also purified part BBa_J23119 to get rid of the left over base pairs.
  • We ligated our part BBa_J23119 with our oligo, thus making a promoter and an ERE part attached to a vector.
  • We transformed this ligated part (BBa_J23119 and the oligos)into competenet cells and plated them.

  • We received our ERE part (BBa_K123002) it is the same gene sequence as our oligos, but the oligos has the sticky ends we needed.
  • We plated this part, and collected colonies.
  • We purified the DNA and stored the DNA for possible future use.

  • We will count and collect colonies tomorrow for our ligated part(BBa_J23119 and our oligos).
  • We plan to run a electrophorysis gel to check our ligated part (BBa_J23119 and our oligos)has been taken up properly by the competent cells.