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  • This week we ran a electrophoresis gel to make sure that part BBa_J23119 was taken up by the competent cells, and it was.
  • We also have re suspended our oligos and hydrogen bonded them together.
  • We planned our experiments for the next week. We plan to ligate our oligos (ERE) to part BBa_J23119.

File:Jm ka 13 10 19 10.jpg

  • The upper left hand corner is not our gel. The lower right hand corner is.
  • We put two low range ladders on either side of the four wells in the middle containing our part.
  • This gel shows that our promoter part BBa_J23119 is working. We see a faint band about 35 to 50 bp in all of the 4 wells, which is what we expect to see. It is also makes sense that the one band is fainter because the vector is 1500+ bp long. We cut this part with spel and ptsl enzymes.