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  • We have now selected our promoters/RFP's ( red flourescent protein). Our promoter is BBa_J23119. The 2 RFP's with plasmid that allows future splicing between promoter and RFP are BBa_J23102 and BBa_J23100. Our last BioBrick that we selected contains a promoter, RBS, RFP, and terminator, BBa_J04450.
  • we then transformed all of these parts into competent cells and grew them on agar plates.
  • On Wednesday we checked colony growth and found that we had growth on all but one, BBa_J23102 (using only 2μL.) We numbered and picked clonies to grow in LB medium.
  • Today we worked on our plasmid DNA prepartion and storage of all four of these parts.
  • Next week we plan to digest our plasmid DNA and run an electrophoresis gel. We will also resuspend our oligos DNA.