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  • We resupended and grew the ERE. We had no colonies grow. We are now contacting IGEM to have the part mailed to us.
  • We ran a gel to see which other cultures contained DNA/worked. We had 2 cultures of GFP 240 work and 3 cultures of ER work
  • Now we have redigested our DNA and cut it with the apropriate enzymes.
  • We then cut the DNA out of the gel and will prepare it next week.

File:Group 13 9 28.jpg

  • From left to right is 1-12 the ladders are both low range and are on each side of our parts.
  • All parts were cut with E & S enzymes.
  • Colonies 1-4 are part BBa_K123003, 5-8 are colonies of BBa_E0840, 9-12 are colonies of part BBa_E0240
  • 1,2,4 worked as expected but is hard to see cause it is such a large piece at 3500 bps, 9,10 worked well with two bands meaning our part was taken up and cut out nicely.