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  • We have found all the parts we needed out of the BioBricks kit plates (BBa_K123003, BBa_K123002, BBa_E0240, and BBa_E0840) and then resuspended the DNA
- We added deionized water to the BioBrick wells
- we then heated the plates in the oven for 3 min
- we extracted the resupended DNA
- We then put the DNA into labled tubes and froze them 
  • We made and poured our ampicillian plates
- we made our broth to water
- we stirred until dissolved and then adjusted the pH to 7.5
- we poured the solution into 2 seperate jars and added agar to the jars
- we then autoclaved for 35 min 
- we then added the ampicillin
- once cooled we poured into plates filling the bottom