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  • Tuesday our group digest our promoter (BBa_I12007) and double terminator (BBa_B0015). Ran these two parts on gel to make sure they contained the correct base pair length. Promoter was 82bp and the double terminator was 129bp. Took picture of results. Results show band for promoter was below the 100bp marker which is what we expected. Double terminator band was between 100bp -200bp which we expected. RBS was too small to run on gel so we ordered the oligos to use instead of RBS. The oligos still contain the sequence for the RBS.

Thursday we received our parts and calculated amount of water to add to each to make them 100umol. Made two working stocks from those two oligos (TUNA and tintin) that were of 10umol concentration. We also purified our gene (BBa_E1010) from the gel on 9/30/10 using the Gel Extraction Kit. Froze the extracted gene DNA in freezer. Next week we plan on running PCR on the oligos to combine the two oligos. We may start ligation of our parts on Thursday if time permits. http://www.openwetware.org/wiki/Image:Gel_from_10_12.JPG#filelinks