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A Flower of A Different Color

We vector group (Angie and Diwash) transfer pSB1A3 plasmid from three different epindroff tubes into one tube. Also, we transfer pSB1A7 plasmid samples from three epindroff tubes into one tube. Dr. Axel told us that we are not going to use pSB1A3 and pSB1A7 plasmids in our project because we dont have enough time left to work with the plasmids. Instead we can work with the plasmids isolated by the Binu and Sushma i.e. pSB1A2 having the promoter region. In pSB1A2, we can directly insert our target gene because it has promoter region but we in the plasmids we isolated, we have to insert promoter region before inserting our target gene. In rest of the time in lab, we do our lab reports.

Sushma and Binu noted down the number of colonies in each of the transformed plates and decided on to extract the clones from the cultures to be grown.