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A Flower of A Different Color

Sushma and Binu performed the restriction digestion of the DNA PCR products (obtained on 2008/11/13) using the restriction enzymes, Xba1 and Pst1. This was then purified using the Qiagen PCR Purification Kit. A part of the eluate obtained was then electrophoresed to observe the outcome of the restriction digestion. Two bands were observed on the gel, one at around 1100 bp and the other at 900 bp. The possible explanation that could be given for the presence of two bands is the presence of introns and that there could be restriction sites (for Xba1 or Pst1) within these introns. As explained in [1], since the band obtained was of nearly 2000 bp, and today's digestion gave two bands of nearly equal size, it was concluded that the gene could have been cut into half, which poses a problem to our experiment. Nevertheless, it was decided to continue with the project and do the ligation on 11/17/2008.