7 January 2009

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Date: 7 January 2009; Time: 1400; Agenda: Quantification of 24hr biofilm at 1 temperature and biofilm formation at 1 temperature for 24hr and 48hr.

Quantification of biofilm:

  • This time we quantified the biofilm formed based on only CV.

Biofilm formation:

  • Similar procedures carried out to grow biofilm, only that now they are left to grow at 24hr and 48hr at 30deg. 30rpm.
  • Columns 1-6: M9 (Colorless) culture; Columns 7-12: LB culture
  • Similar plating done to verify McFarland standards.
  • This is a repeat of previously done trials as we found that biofilm grows best at 24hr and 48hr and at 30deg and 37deg!