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7.342: Reading the Blueprint of Life: Transcription, Stem Cells, & Differentiation

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Date Discussion Leader Topic Assignment
September 7 Matt/Roshan Introduction
September 14 Roshan Chromatin Functions to Define Cell State Questions
September 21 Matt Chromatin Structure and Discovery of Chromatin Modifying Enzymes Questions
September 28 Matt Methylation and the Emergence of the "Histone Code" Questions
October 5 Matt Heritable Gene Expression via Epigenetic Modification of Chromatin Questions
October 12 Roshan Regulators of Pluripotency and Differentiation of Stem Cells Questions
October 19 Tour of Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Laboratories
October 26 Matt Regulation of Early Development by Polycomb Proteins Questions
November 2 Roshan Master Regulators of Differentiation: The Story of MyoD Questions
November 9 Roshan Transdifferentiation, Dedifferentiation, and the Adoption of Alternate Cell Fates Questions / Discuss Proposals
November 16 Roshan Chromatin Modifications during Development Questions / Proposals Due
November 23 Thanksgiving! Eat Turkey
November 30 Matt When Regulators go Bad: Misregulation of Chromatin Modifiers in Cancer Questions
December 7 Matt/Roshan Oral Presentation of Research Proposals Presentations