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  • Recitation @ noon cancelled
  • MIT press has not printed enough textbooks
    • Get copies from Janice 36-825 with ID
    • Janice is only in on Tuesdays/Thursdays


  • Engineering approach to studying basic physical processes that underlie how cells work
  • Interdisciplinary
    • Assumed pre-reqs: math, engineering, physics
    • Not assumed: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry
  • Cell membranes
    • Focus of class
    • Keeps stuff in and out and lets stuff in and out
    • Like a castle: has walls but also gates
    • Transport of water, ions, nutrients, waste, signals, building blocks, products
  • Eukaryotes
    • Environment is maintained by body
  • Example: Digestive system
    • Lots of skin folded up in small intestines
    • All nutrients need to pass through skin
    • More membrane -> more nutrient flow
    • Epithelial cells in intestines are very tightly connected so nutrients have to flow through cells
    • Example of coupling sodium transport with glucose