4 December 2008

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Time: 0930; Agenda: Quadrant Streaking of Petri Dishes prepared on 3rd December

  • Fume hood irradiated with UV for 20 minutes then turned off and left alone for 5 minutes.
  • Ecoli culture removed from incubator after 16 hours and quadrant streaking was completed on LB Agar petri dishes prepared earlier. This was done in the fume hood. (This step done in order to collect one colony for incubation later on)
  • Quadrant Streaking:
    • The petri dishes were first removed from the 4 degrees fridge.
    • A plastic loop was dipped into the Ecoli culture and streaked across one quadrant of the petri dish.
    • The petri dish was turned 90 degrees and a second quadrant streaked.
    • Repeat till 4 quadrants obtained.
  • The lid of the petri dishes were replaced and labeled (date, content, name)
  • The petri dishes were parafilmed and then placed in the 37 degree incubator in an inverted position and left to grow overnight.

LB Agar and LB Broth medium were prepared as and when the previously prepared bottles have run out.