29 December 2008

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Date: 29 December 2008; Time: 1400; Agenda: Quantification of 48hr biofilm at 1 temperature.

Quantification of biofilm:

  • This time we quantified the biofilm formed based on only CV. However, when doing this step, we forgot to wash off the surface CV with water prior to soaking in acetic acid!!! --> Repeat this set next time.

Results of plating of serial dilutions done on 28 December:

  • For LB McFarland Standard:
    • 10^-8: TOO MANY TO COUNT
    • 10^-10: 133
    • 10^-12: 117
    • 10^-14: 93
      • We started plating only for LB McFarland Standard and not M9 culture as they have shown similar number of colonies in recent platings.