26 February 2009

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Date: 26 February 2009; Time:1400; Agenda: Fixing biofilm and airdrying for SEM.

  • The lids containing biofilm that were exposed to the polymers overnight were removed from the challenge plates and briefly rinsed in PBS solution for 2 minutes each to remove any planktonic bacteria.
  • The bioflim was then fixed in a fixing solution:

Preparation of fixing solution:

  • 12ml of 25% glutaldehyde was mixed with 100ml 0.1M PBS.
    • To prepare 0.1M PBS:
    • 20 tablets of PBS were dissolved in 400ml of water
  • This fixing solution was then added to 2 new CBD plates and the lids containing biofilm replaced. They were left to soak in the fixing solution for 2 hrs.
  • After 2 hrs, the lids were removed and put into a styrofoam box (with holes above) to air dry in the fume hood for 5 days (ie. Till next Tues).