25 February 2009

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Date: 25 February 2009; Time:1400; Agenda: Exposure of biofilm to nanopolymers overnight for SEM.

  • 5 small bottles obtained from prof kunn's lab.
    • 1 is pure drug without polymer, 1 is loaded PLGA, 1 is loaded PCL, 1 is blank PLGA, 1 is blank PCL.
    • 2 rows of the CBD were allocated to each polymer/drug.

1st CBD:

  • Row B and C: Free drug
  • Row D and E: Loaded PLGA
  • Row F and G: Loaded PCL

2nd CBD:

  • Row B and C: Blank PLGA
  • Row D and E: Blank PCL
  • Each of the 6 rows above contained two-fold serial dilutions of the drug/polymer to vary the concentration of polymer.
  • After these 2 challenge plates are prepared, 2 lids of the CBD containing the biofilms (we prepared a total of 8 CBD for biofilm growth) were removed and replaced on the challenge plates. They were left to incubate in the 37deg incubator overnight.