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Tasks remaining:

  • Add CLB1 promoter as a BioBrick
  • Compose new BioBricks (aka stamp collecting)
    • Get protein coding regions
    • Add RBS & Term if not included
    • Reconcile degradation tags -- remove LVA on things that don't need it, add appropriate deg tags
    • Put nuclear localization tag on everything


    • Somewhere in the area of nucleotides 98 through 309 on the URE2 mRNA in yeast.

Invertase Systems

Inducible Promoters & Activators

Repressible Promoters & Repressors

Repressors & Binding Sites



  • Recipe for protein generator:
  • Nuclear localization tag, for yeast, from SV40
  • Degradation tags: we're going to use any of the following three: AANDENYALAA "very fast", AANDENYNYADAS "fast", AANDENYADAS "moderately fast" -- because they're rated for relative speeds. Exactly which ones to use will be tuned at experiment -- specific protein-tag pairings given above are provisional. We can use bacterial deg tags because we're going to use that yeast strain that has the bacterial degradation system. In the case of invertases and the repressors that aren't in the pulsers, we're just going to use LVA because it's in common use and it has like ten family members whose relative speeds aren't well characterized (on BioBricks at least...).