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Given the programming content of 20.180's assignments and the superb tutorial composed by our TA predecessors, we've assumed that the class has had some experience with Python.

So, rather than offer a purely introductory tutorial to programming + Python we've instead cooked up a short refresher course. We've produced a Python+Emacs+Shell cheat sheet and will be doing a basic demonstration of how to run Python and use its data structures Friday Sept. 8th, at 10 AM in 48-216. If you find any errors in the cheat sheet, please email them to Lawrence. If you'd like to personalize your own copy of the cheat sheet, here's the .tex file used to produce it.

For any eager beavers out there, here's the code that we'll be walking through this Friday. The main piece of code we'll be looking at is Fibonacci_tutorial.py.

Finally, if you still crave more Python tutorials here is A list of 300 Python Tutorials. You may also find the the official Python documentation to be handy.